Conditions for memberships at City Golf Copenhagen


Conditions for memberships at City Golf Copenhagen

Present conditions are applicable for all memberships at City Golf Copenhagen (“City Golf Copenhagen”) subscribed at 31st of January 2016 or later. The conditions is an integrated part of the contractual basis between the member and Royal Golf Center A/S concerning the membership at City Golf Copenhagen. All the prices are inclusive VAT.

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1. Subscription of membership

The member himself makes the subscription of the membership at or at City Golf Copenhagen.

You have to be 7 years old to become a member of City Golf Copenhagen. Moreover, if you are under 18 years old you need a parent or a guardian at the establishment of your membership. Members under 18 years old need a parent or guardian to stand as a payer for their membership.

The membership at City Golf Copenhagen gives rights to free play at the 9-hole course. Closure of the course may occur due to weather and events including Company Days.

The membership also gives access to participation in City Golf Copenhagen’s events including club championship. At events, an event fee is typically charged.

The member at City Golf Copenhagen have access to a DGU-card if following conditions is met:

– City Golf Copenhagen as home club

– Passed Golf course test

2. Personal membership

The membership is personal and cannot be transferred to or used by others than the member. In case of misuse of the membership, fee is charged according to applicable rates, DKK 998.

Changes in personal data as name, address, e-mail, phone, bank information ect. must immediately be notified to City Golf Copenhagen by e-mail to City Golf Copenhagen’s bookkeeping ([email protected]). It is the member’s responsibility that City Golf Copenhagen always has the member’s correct and adequate personal data. If the member does not meet this obligation, fees will be charged according to applicable rates, DKK 200. Students, shop apprentice and apprentices must present a valid student card on request in order to obtain a student, shop apprentice or apprentice discount. If the student card is not presented, the membership is automatically converted to the standard membership.

3. Membership period

A payment service membership and other memberships are on-going and continued until it is terminated.

It is made clear that the membership is subject to the latest terms, laws and rules.

4. Setup fee

When subscribing to the membership, an establishment fee of DKK 750, DKK 1,197 or DKK 2,394 depending of membership types is paid. Registration fee for students DKK 750 is only valid for “The experienced” golfer.

When you have register at, you have access to print a membership card with a picture ID at the selfservice machine. Membership cards must be presented upon request.

The above is only applicable for persons that have not been a member within the last 8 months, applicable from expiry date, normal price DKK 2,872 (“The experienced”).

For persons that have been a member of City Golf Copenhagen within the last 8 months, applicable from expiry date for the membership (one-time payment) DKK 2,872 (“The experienced”).

5. Quota

In addition to the set up fee mentioned in point 4, the member pays a fixed quota for the membership that is DKK 4,308 per year.

The quota can either be paid annual or monthly (prior) via payment service. For annual and monthly payments, a monthly fee of DKK 19,50 is imposed on payment via payment service and DKK 150 on payment via giro card.


If a due amount cannot be withdrawn on your account on time your membership card will be blocked. Hereby, you will not be able to check in and reserve start times in addition you will be excluded from participating in all City Golf Copenhagen events.

City Golf Copenhagen reserves the right to charge the amount due via lawyer debt collection company, and to report bad payers to Experian (RKI –Ribers Kredit Information).

The membership will only be activated again when the amount owed has been paid. There may be a processing time of up to 5 working days.

6. Termination of membership

The membership can be terminated with one (1) months notice until the end of a month, when five (5) months have elapsed since the subscription of the membership.

Termination must be made in writing to the e-mail [email protected]. The full name, date of birth and membership number must be given.

A termination is valid from the day we receive the e-mail regarding your termination from City Golf Copenhagen.

His the member has paid quota for a period beyond the time of termination of the membership, the member is entitled to get repaid the relevant share of the paid quota. When calculation the quota amount that the member is entitled to be repaid the following monthly prices are used:

January: DKK 359

February: DKK 359

March: DKK 359

April: DKK 359

May: DKK 359

June: DKK 359

July: DKK 359

August: DKK 359

September: DKK 359

October: DKK 359

November: DKK 359

December: DKK 359

Any amount that the member is entitled to be repaid will be transferred to the member’s bank account no later than twenty (20) business days after City Golf Copenhagen’s receipt of the mentioned terminations in point 6.

Disputes and documentation

If there is any doubt as to whether a membership has been terminated, you as a member must be able to prove that there has been a correct termination with date and receipt.


It is not possible to pause your City Golf Copenhagen membership.


For the purchase of membership in City Golf Copenhagen you have 14 days of right of withdrawal from the day the membership is purchased. However, if you use your membership/course rental (reserve a start time) within the 14 days, the right of cancellation expires per the date on which the reservation/membership/lane hire is taken into use.

If the membership is withdrawaled, each individual reservation at the course will be invoiced at the current guest greenfee price.

In order to make use of the right of withdrawal, you must unsubscribe via an e-mail to [email protected].

7. General information

City Golf Copenhagen is a private golf facility run by Royal Golf Center A/S. City Golf Copenhagen is thus not a golf club or association where members have administrative or other powers, since all decisions regarding the operation of City Golf Copenhagen and the determination of the applicable terms and rules are only made by Royal Golf Center A/S.

The golf facility has been developed and financed by Royal Golf Center Real Estate A/S, which has rented the area on which the golf facility is situated, by the Danish Nature Agency and then leased the golf facility to Royal Golf Center A/S. It is made clear that the membership of City Golf Copenhagen constitutes an agreement between the member and Royal Golf Center A/S, so that on this basis the member does not obtain any rights to either to either Royal Golf Center Real Estate A/S and/or the Nature Agency concerning the membership and/or the use of the golf facility in general.

8. Condition changes

City Golf Copenhagen reserves the right to withdraw the annual quota, which in 2016 amounts to 3588 DKK per year with 10% per year. You can terminate the agreement with City Golf Copenhagen if the price increase exceeds the limit of 10% per year.

City Golf Copenhagen can withdraw payment claims in these terms by up to 10% per year. You can terminate the agreement with City Golf Copenhagen, if the fee increase exceeds the limit of 10% per year.

City Golf Copenhagen also reserves the right to change the other conditions for membership at City Golf Copenhagen.

Terms of change may be justified by changed business conditions, market conditions, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Changes are notified as a minimum via posting o our website and via service e-mails.

However, you will be informed of significant change of terms with a month notice. Information about the change of conditions will be forwarded to you per e-mail.

9. Confirm of conditions etc.

By signing the membership on the self-service machine, the member confirms that he has been familiar with both the present conditions and the other applicable rules on dress code etc. at the time of subscription.

In case of breach of membership terms, dress code or terms, City Golf Copenhagen may at any time interrupt this agreement for at membership with immediate effect. All golf play are at your own risk, City Golf Copenhagen does not take responsibility for personal injury to a member, as a result of accident or other visitors’ actions or defective actions. In addition, Danish tort law is followed in the area.

Directions given by City Golf Copenhagen staff must always be followed.

It is not allowed to exercise private business in connection with your membership – such as training instructions, personal training or the like.

City Golf Copenhagen recommends that all items of value be sorted securely while staying at the center. City Golf Copenhagen bears no responsibility for loss due to theft or damage to property, including cars.

It is not allowed to use City Golf Copenhagen’s premises or facilities as a location for recording video or pictures for marketing purposes, without prior agreement with City Golf Copenhagen’s marketing department.

Both the present conditions and the other rules applicable at any time regarding dress code etc. can be found at, to which reference is made.

10. Conditions for rental of bag locker

The bag locker is covered by the individual tenant’s family / home insurance and not City Golf Copenhagen’s insurance. We encourage tenants to make their insurance company aware that golf equipment is placed in a bag locker at City Golf Copenhagen and that it is expected that it is covered by home insurance.

The tenant of the bag locker assumes all responsibility for the contents of the bag locker – and therefore cannot claim compensation or in any way require others responsible for any deficiencies.

The tenant accepts that the agreement is paid over payments service at the same time as other membership. The agreement is on going until terminated.

One cannot have a bag locker agreement without having a membership in City Golf Copenhagen.

Termination of bag locker follows City Golf Copenhagen’s terms of termination.